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PM TOOLS are custom developed software applications used to facilitate the collection, analysis and timely communication of essential project management data.

Most organizations use software products like Microsoft Project (MSP) to plan their projects. While these tools are great for creating project schedules, they fall short of being able to easily troubleshoot errant activity logic and manage and control real time project data. Meaning it becomes all too bothersome and time consuming trying to keep the project plan up to date.

ALIPRO Project Tool Box is a set of unique software add-on tools that make it easier to use MSP. By adding functionality, enhancing existing features and simplifying the software interface, users are able to trace through plan network logic, analyze multiple critical and controlling paths, review and communicate activity and schedule information and much more with just a simple ‘click’. Our Project Tool Box has custom views and functionality proven to be efficient and effective for every industry that manages projects.

ALIPRO OnTime is a web-based software tool that automates the project updating process for project managers and team members alike. Most project managers rely on word-of-mouth or paper-based reporting to collect schedule updates. This leads to a laborious and time consuming process where someone has to manually enter data into the project software in order to analyze the plan and determine project progress or slippage.

ALIPRO OnTime automates the project updating process. Team members are able to update their activities from anywhere in the world - as long as they have access to a browser and the internet.

As for Project Managers, OnTime allows them to:
  • Receive fast, reliable updates from logistically challenged team members
  • Validate schedule updates quickly
  • Determine what updates are outstanding
  • Import schedule updates from multiple resources with the click of a button
  • Automatically generate and email schedule update requests
  • Increase the amount of time spent on analyzing and resolving schedule related issues
PM Tools
ALIPRO knows the true value of PM Tools is to contribute to and promote your project management practice - not dictate it.

Standard off-the-shelf project management software is designed as 'one size fits all'. We design our PM Tools to fill the gap between 'one size' and your true project management needs.

ALIPRO PM Tools facilitate the assembly, analysis and movement of project data via user-friendly applications and provide our customers with instant access to factual status information to permit timely project direction decisions.