When and Why to Use AGIFALL

Posted on
March 1, 2019

To successfully implement an agile solution, an enterprise must be willing to undertake the organizational changes required to remove siloed business functions and create cross-functional agile teams designed to achieve a single goal.  Ideally, organizations would dedicate a resource from each of the siloed business areas to provide the expertise needed for a successful cross-functional agile team.  In small to medium sized organizations, this is achievable.

In larger organizations, the ability to perform such organizational project staffing is often not a viable option.  Due to the reality of economic conditions, larger organizations are faced with the need to do more work with less resources.  With this reduction in resources, larger organizations do not have the capacity to dedicate one resource to a single team, role or responsibility.   This creates a barrier to the organization’s success in using agile on a large scale.

Additionally, governmental regulations, organizational size and primary business industry all play a major role in any organization’s ability to fully adopt an agile methodology. ALIPRO’s Agile Optimization process recognizes the need to incorporate both Waterfall and Agile methodologies to provide an AGIFALL solution[SB1] .