Project Management

ALIPRO training is delivered by knowledgeable professionals with actual experience in project management. Our courses use a wide range of practical project management experiences to give your teams the knowledge and skill sets they need to become better project managers. We immediately reinforce the concepts that are taught through interactive workshops which employ a cognitive learning process to increase retention and understanding.


Organizations waste billions of dollars each year on non-productive meetings. ALIPRO’s Facilitation training will help your teams and executive levels accomplish more with fewer meetings. Our facilitation approach has been demonstrated to improve meeting productivity in any situation. Individuals will leave ALIPRO’s Facilitation training with the skills they need to help your organization excel.


Obeya, or Oobeya, (in Japanese 大部屋) means “large room” or “War Room”. Obeya is a visual project management discipline that brings leadership, management, and teams together and bridges the lines of communication. ALIPRO’s Obeya training will teach your teams to set up a proper Obeya room with Key Performance Indicators that communicate vital information in real time. With our approach, your management and teams will have improved collaboration that drives operational excellence.

Risk Management

The failure to address and plan for project risks dooms countless projects each year. ALIPRO offers an introduction to Project Risk Management that enables a team to identify, classify and manage project risks systematically for the life of a project. Our tools and approach simplify the risk identification process and teach project resources to assess the likelihood, significance and impacts of those risks so meaningful mitigation strategies can be developed. Without risk management, your teams are certain to encounter these risks once they become costly issues.

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